Gatos trail is a destination recording studio located in the Joshua Tree area of California’s high desert.
Built inside a 1,200 square foot barn, Gatos Trail is a very spacious studio with 13' high ceilings and huge windows boasting amazing desert views. In addition, all of the rooms have been acoustically treated to deliver superior sonic results especially for drums.

Our recording goal is to balance analog and digital technologies giving your record the warmth of analog with the editing ease of digital. We are also equipped with a powerful climate control system to keep you comfortable whilst making your desert record!





Neotek Elite 28 Channel Analog Console


Protools HD3 w/ 24 Channels Of 192 I/O Running PT10

Studer 24 Track 2" Tape Machine *currently off-line (ask about status of machine before booking a tape session)


BAE Neve 1073 Dual Channel Mic Pre

BAE API 312 Mic Pre (2) - in a 6 space API lunchbox

DBX 161 Stereo Pair Compressors

Distressor EL8X Compressors - Stereo Pair w/ Brit Mod and Image Link

Inward Connections 820 Compressors (2) - LA-2A style comp

Inward Connections 820 EQs (2) - Pultec style EQ

Avalon VT 747 Pre/Comp/EQ

Warm Audio WA76 Limiting Amplifier - 1176 clone

SPL Dynamaxx Stereo Comp/Limiter - with de-compression

Symetrix 501 Compressor

TLAudio 5021 2 Channel Tube Compressor

TLAudio Stereo Tube EQ w/Mic Pres

TLAudio Stereo Tube Compressor w/Mic Pres

Echoplex EP 3 Tape Echo


Urei 813A

Dynaudio BM15

Tannoy ProtoJ

Genelec 1030*

Tannoy 6.5*

Tannoy Reveal*

Adam A7*



Wunder CM7 GTS w/ M7 Capsule - U47 style

Neumann UM57*

SE Gemini II

Audix 212 CX (4)

Shure SM7b

Shure SM57 (5)

Shure Beta 52 (2)

Shure Beta 56 (2)

Shure Beta 57A (2)

Sennheiser 421 (3)

Heil PR 20

AKG D112

AKG C 451 B Stereo Matched Pair

AKG C 1000 S

Coles 4038 Ribbon Stereo Matched Pair

Beyer M500 Ribbon (2)*

Beyer 130 Ribbon*


Yamaha DU1A Upright Piano (disklavier w/midi)

Nord Electro 5 D SW 73

Farfisa VIP 233 Organ

Crumar Performer Vintage Synth

1950's Gretsch Round Badge Drum Kit 13,16,22

1960's Rogers Drum Kit 12,16,20

Mapex ProM Maple Shell Pack 10,12,14,16,22

Vintage Ludwig 28" Kick

Vintage Ludwig 26" Tympani w/footpedal

Ludwig Black Beauty Snare 6.5 x 14

1960's Ludwig Super Sensitive Snare 5 x 14

1960's Ludwig Wooden Snare 5 x 14

Epiphone Casino Guitar

Fender Precision Bass

1960’s Ampeg Reverberocket

1990's Vox AC 30

Leslie Speaker Cabinet w/ Leslie Tube Amp

Fender Bassman 100T

Aguilar DB751 Bass Amp

Ampeg 4x10 Bass Cab


*Available upon request from KSL




LIVE ROOM: 25' X 30'

ISO 1: 12' X 5'

ISO 2: 12' X 5'